Utkal Divas ! Odisha Foundation day ! Odisha Day


Utkal Divas or Utakala Dibasha is celebrated on April 1 every year to remember the formation of the Odisha state after a struggle to be recognised as an independent state. Under the British rule, Odisha was part of the Bengal presidency, which consisted of the present-day Bihar.


Utkal Divas ! Odisha Foundation day ! Odisha Day


History Of The Formation Of Odisha

  1. Orissa was once a part of the kingdom of Kalinga.
  2. King Ashoka conquered Orissa in 250 BC.
  3. After that, temples were constructed in various parts such as Puri, Konark and Bhubaneswar under the dynasties of Hindu.
  4. In the year 1576, coastal Orissa became the part of the Mughal Empire.
  5. Soon after the Carnatic wars, Orissa’s southern coast was amalgamated with the Presidency of Madras by the East India Company.
  6. In the year 1912, Orissa and Bihar were formed.
  7. On 1 April 1936, Odisha was formed.

The new province of Odisha was formed after people’s continued struggle, which finally paid off on April 1, 1936. Sir John Hubbak was the first governor of the state. Notable leaders from that movement are Utkala Gouraba, Madhusudan Das, Utkala Mani, Gopabandhu Das, Fakir Mohan Senapati, Pandita Nilakantha Das, and many others.

To remember the contributions and sacrifices made by the people of Odisha in those days, Utkal divas is celebrated all over the state. Not only in Odisha, but Utkal divas is celebrated in many cities and towns in India and abroad, where people from Odisha reside.



  • Odisha Day is celebrated as a regional public holiday on April 1st in the eastern Indian state of Odisha.
  • Fireworks competitions are common as different varieties of firecrackers light up the night sky.
  • Different cultural programmes are held across the state.
  • Indigenous songs celebrating the spirit of Odisha are sung in events organised by the Government of Odisha.
  • An Odia food festival and a cultural extravaganza mark the celebration of Utkal Divas,