The prime purpose of every website is to deliver specific information or services in an organized and user friendly manner. The success of the website is measured in terms of the traffic to the website and the ease with which the visitors find the required information. An effective and successful website is highly influenced by how well interface is designed and managed. We know one cannot ignore the importance of proper planning and designing considering the legal rights and hosting the website in a reliable web hosting server.

We understand that a company’s ideals, products, services and features are reflected through its website to a number of online visitors therefore, our team of proficient’s works to relate visitor’s real demand’s on website. We Get a custom website for better online results and design Website that impresses visitors by attracting and engaging them to achieve real goal that convert business.

We at PURECSS While designing a website always keep in mind the purpose of the website, target audience, content and website should be easy to read, easy to navigate and easy to find. We always follow below mentioned steps that help in planning a website are:  

  • Analyze your target audience
  • Organize your concepts and materials & Competitor Analysis
  • Create a directory structure (also called site map) & Navigations details required
  • Create a sketch of the pages you intend to create with complete page contents like Text, images, audio, video & internal as well as external links associated
  • Design and refine the look and feel of the site as per requirement of users & demand of client like Space and Balance, Color, Font type and size, Textures, Special Effects, Consistency of website
  • Content writing & update

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