Your every action on internet is noted and stored

Not very far in the past, who was visiting sites and for what reason was basically a puzzle. Website admins put counters on pages to follow how frequently individuals “hit” the page—that is, visited, downloaded a record, or some other action—however that was the degree of the understanding. Genuine web investigation capacities were restricted to huge organizations that could bear to burn through thousands of Rupees / dollars every month on programming to track and write about web movement.


Today, there is a wide range of web metrics measuring and tracking applications available even Free and effective and search engines are using them. Maximum search engines are noting and storing the data of actions in private mode. Few tools of analytics are even freely available for users also.


DuckDuckGo is an Internet privacy company that provides tools and technologies to help people control their personal information online. One of these tools is DuckDuckGo Search, a private search engine that allows you to the search the web without being tracked. Another is DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, a mobile browser that provides all the privacy essentials needed to browse the web more privately. For more information about duckduck go please visit the official website duckduckgo Dot COM.



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