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GPSLike the Internet and smartphones, GPS is an essential element of the information infrastructure. GPS receivers are very simple electronic devices. GPS technologies commonly accepted in society. The price of GPS devices has dropped. GPS works by timing how long it takes the radio signals from its satellites to reach a location on earth.


Distance = Travel Time x Speed of Sound

GPS benefits over previous land-based navigation systems is that GPS works in all weather conditions. GPS system streamlines supply chains and vehicle movements. A GPS system in a vehicle, boat, plane or backpack or any other vehicle ensures that you are never lost. We have many more advantages of GPS system.


Disadvantages of GPS


Privacy Issues

GPS devices can be used to know the location of people without their knowledge. In today scenario smartphone have inbuilt GPS devices. In case your important application on phone requires GPS access. You will make it enable. In this case you are not enabling your device for only required application but for operating system. Any other application having permission can use it.


Commercial Exploitation

When GPS is combined with internet technology, social media or mobile phone apps, it can be used by commercial organizations to track someone’s travel or movement and misuse this information to collect data on a person’s buying habits, or target them with advertising based on their location.


Local Knowledge must

Using solely GPS technology means that you can miss out information that might be important for your movement. For instance, If road is temporary blocked, whether there are any scenic views, or whether


Limited battery life

Maximum GPS devices depend upon battery. In case of battery failure it will completely down may be at that time urgently required.


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