Artificial intelligence Positive Use for all

PURECSS TeamThe institution of engineers Faridabad local center celebrated world telecommunication and society day on 17th May 2018 with Lingyas Vidyapeeth at campus of Lingya’s. The theme was Artificial Intelligence Positive Use for all. A presentation delivered by Er. Pankaj Kumar click below video to watch.

Artificial intelligence  Positive Use for all: A video presentation. 


Opening address      

Er. J P Malhotra  explained the theme of day in his opening address while Dr. SVAV Prasad Dean Research and Corporate Affairs of Lingaya vidyapeeth used examples to explain about positive use of AI. Total five technical papers were presented related to theme positive Use of Artificial Intelligence for all by academicians and industry entrepreneurs.

Technical papers

Dr. Sudeshna Chakraborty Associate Professor of Lingaya’s with a student of final year computer science Mr. Saurabh presented furthermore E Learning using Artificial Intelligence.

Er. Pankaj Kumar corporate member institution of engineers (India) from computer science division presented his thoughts using practical examples of artificial intelligence. He used his mobile phone for practical examples. He explained with a pictorial representation of a man crossing the bridge with the help of rope and crocodiles under it. Where he explained about assets, vulnerability, risk 

  • Human is an asset.
  • Imbalance on the rope is vulnerability and  in case of  Artificial intelligence weak control and securities are vulnerability.
  • Possibility of falling down is risk and  in case of  Artificial intelligence improper output from device is risk.
  • Crocodiles in picture are threats and in case of artificial intelligence destroyer are threats.

He also used Geeta shlok and movie Deewar examples during the presentation.

Ms. Shilpi Singh, Research scholar and assistant professor, Lingaya’s presented on object recognition using artificial intelligence for faces and images.

Consequently Mr. Jawalkar Dinesh Kumar Assistant Professor of Lingayas deliberated especially relevant on exploration of artificial intelligence application from safety, smart security and intelligence.

Finally Er. Sameer Kumar convener technical committee gave a practical demonstration internet of things devices..

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