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AMIE – Associate member of the institution of Engineers is a Degree level program in 15 engineering trades . The AMIE Degree is equivalent to BE and B Tech. There are two criteria for students to get admission in AMIE, one is DIPLOMA either NON DIPLOMA. This blog is for the candidates searching for information especially relevant to AMIE admission.


The applicants having state board DIPLOMA can apply for diploma stream.


12th Pass and its equivalent to physics, chemistry and math can apply for admission in NON Diploma stream of AMIE. Following table describe the criteria. The candidate need to pass section A, Section B with Laboratory Experiments and project work.

If candidate completed AMIE will be exempted from section A. In case he want to pursue in any other Branch consequently. Example If a candidate is AMIE with Computer Engineering, They can pursue in any other branch and in this case he don’t need to pass section A again. He will be started from section B and furthermore need to pass Section B Examination with Laboratory experiments and project work.

Examination Scheme Who are eligible Eligibility Duration
Section A (NON Diploma) Technician Members of IEI only Six years based on the date of enrolment as Technician member
Section A (Diploma) Senior Technician Members of IEI only Six years based on the date of enrolment as Senior Technician member
Section B Technician and Senior Technician Members of IEI who have completed Section A in their respective Scheme or exempted from Section A. Furthermore Six years after completion of Section A.
Corporate Members of IEI ( FIE /MIE / AMIE ) in any discipline provided he /she has not completed section B examination of IEI or Graduate degree in Engineering in the same discipline earlier. Six years from the Registration of Section B Examination.

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