Day Wise Notice Board For GPW 2020 – Ind. Training



Reporting Day 4 July

Important: All students are advised to complete Report using GOOGLE DOCS by 5th July 2020 before 18:00 PM. The First two week Grading will be done after that.

The Training is divided in Three parts of two – two weeks. So be attentive & fill. In case of any help call support & Complete your responsibility timely.

Reporting Day 1 July

Reporting Day 30 June

Reporting Day 29 June


Reporting Day 28 June

Please check the below link for Attendance. In case You want any change/Update contact SUPPORT.



Please check the below link for 


Reporting Day 1 : 22 June 2020

Minutes of meeting : Following points has been Finalized in Advisory Board Meeting. 

Point 3 : All meeting will end with slogan Jai Hind

Point 2 : Virtual Role for IT Support Services Group has been assigned to

PM Simran – 180030800111  Role assigned
Simran – 180030800110  Role assigned TL
Karishma – 180030800041 Role assigned PC
Ranju – 180030800091 Role assigned SH
Hema – 180030800031 TH
Millennium gain – 180030800059 TH
PREETI – 180030800079 TH
Sakshi – 180030800099 TH
Sneha bhardwaj – 180030800112 TH
Pratiksha Bhati – 180030800078 TH
Sweta – 180030800120 TH
Luxmi – 180030800053 TH
Gulafsha Parveen – 180030800029 TH
PM- Project manager, TL- Team Leader, SH- Senior Help-desk,  Technical-Helpdesk

Point 1 : A Virtual Division has been initiated for Industrial Training Purpose only by Name PURECSS-V

Following Trainee has been assigned  to fulfill the Virtual Role for Members of Advisory Board

Shailesha patwari : 180030800105 , Simran Kushwaha : 180030800111, POOJA SHARMA : 180030800075, Priya Saini – 180030800082.


Note: All Students  Report by calling at 09654695317 number between 10:00AM to 11:00AM or 11:45 AM to 1:00PM. Dated 22 June.

.More Forms Received

84. Laxmi – 180030800053
85. Gulafsha Parveen – 180030800029
86. Karishma  – 180030800041
87. Himanshi  – 180030800032 – Android Group

Day : 21 June 2020 

Contact numbers of Following students are not working. They are advised to update us.

PREETI – 180030800079 ,  SWETA – 180030800120.




Day : 20 June 2020

REGISTRATION LINK OPEN, Click below Link – if not found your name below.


Many Students asking for start Date of Training. As soon as we will get update from Your Polytechnic- GPW Faridabad will update here also.

More Forms Received

75. Bharti – 180030800018
76. Anita – 180030800007
77. Nikita – 180030800064
78. Ragini rajoriya – 180030800089
79. Radha – 180030800087
80. Komal – 180030800049
81. Aashiya – 180030800004
82. Charita – 180030800022
83. Sweta – 180030800120

Day : 19 June 2020


.More Forms Received

72. DUPLICATE ENTRY Sneha bhardwaj – 180030800112
73. Pratiksha Bhati  –  180030800078
74. Priyasaini – 180030800082


Day : 17 June 2020

Notice & Guidelines after Registration

We congratulate to all students to move a step ahead by registering their name for Industrial Training during the Diploma course. Further we will initiate a discussion with all registered candidates & confirm them to continue Industrial Training with PURECSS.     

हम सभी छात्राओं को डिप्लोमा पाठ्यक्रम के दौरान औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण के लिए अपना नाम पंजीकृत करके एक कदम आगे बढ़ने के लिए बधाई देते हैं। इसके अलावा, हम सभी पंजीकृत उम्मीदवारों के साथ चर्चा शुरू करेंगे और उन्हें PURECSS के साथ औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण जारी रखने की पुष्टि करेंगे।


After 4th Semester, the students shall go for training in a relevant industry/field organization for a minimum described period of 6 + weeks and prepare a diary on Daily basis.  The students shall also prepare a report at the end of training and shall present it in a seminar, which will be evaluated further

4th सेमेस्टर के बाद, छात्राओं को संबंधित उद्योग / क्षेत्र संगठन में 6 + सप्ताह की न्यूनतम वर्णित अवधि के लिए प्रशिक्षण करना है और दैनिक आधार पर एक डायरी तैयार करनी होगी। छात्र प्रशिक्षण के अंत में एक रिपोर्ट भी तैयार करेंगे


The industrial training program is important for engineering students. Industrial Training boosts the performance of students and helps them to meet career objectives. It helps them to update and master their skills. 

इंजीनियरिंग छात्राओं के लिए औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम महत्वपूर्ण है। औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण छात्रों के प्रदर्शन को बढ़ाता है और उन्हें कैरियर के उद्देश्यों को पूरा करने में मदद करता है। यह उन्हें अपने कौशल को अपडेट और मास्टर करने में मदद करता है।


As per query of many students it should be clear Industrial training is not a Computer course from some Institution in selected technology. Industrial training is organized to know the real functioning of Industry. The major focus must be on how to fulfill Demand, Supply, Planning, Production, Design, Development and Requirements,

कई छात्राओं की क्वेरी के अनुसार यह स्पष्ट होना चाहिए कि औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण कंप्यूटर कोर्स नहीं है। उद्योग के वास्तविक कामकाज को जानने के लिए औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण आयोजित किया जाता है। मांग, आपूर्ति, योजना, उत्पादन, डिजाइन, विकास और आवश्यकताओं को पूरा करने के लिए प्रमुख ध्यान दिया जाना चाहिए।


  • How industry fulfilling the demand of customers or clients?
  • What are the career options available in current market for them?
  • What Skill set student need to improve to fulfill Market Demands?
  • Daily Diary & Final Industrial Training Report must be prepared.
  • Minimum working hours during Industrial training 6-9 Hours per day from home (Minimum 45 Hours Weekly). The option is available with online mode so all days/Hours working report to be mentioned in Daily Diary & in word file.
  • Students Must focus on Basic understanding Like If you are going to fulfill a demand
    • What cost your project require?
    • Are the software/Hardware are available Freeware or You needed to buy license?
    • Team Work
    • Feasibility study
    • How to Grab the project’s/Job
  • The Online Industrial training report Format
  1. The report shall be computer typed and printed on A4 size paper.
  2. The report shall be hard bound with cover page in white color. The name of the candidate, degree, session of training, college name shall be printed in black on the Front
  3. The report shall be typed on one side only with double space.

Online Industrial training report may consist

Front Page / Index / Acknowledgement / Self Declaration / Certificate of Authenticity  / Certificate of Completion (IF Any)



 [Chapter-2] SOFTWARE/Hardware TRAINING WORK UNDERTAKEN (covers programming languages, tools and techniques)

[Chapter-3] INDUSTRIAL TRAINING WORK UNDERTAKEN (covers overview of mini projects/practical implementation of techniques/tools)

[Chapter-4] PROJECT WORK (covers major project problem, objectives and methodology)




Day : 12 June 2020 

To Fill up the Details click link:-   https://forms.gle/yef5wTm3umUoVLft5