Publication Title: Analysis for Improving Intrusion Detection System in Wireless Network

Abstract:-First of all Wireless is word that defined as ”having no wires. Wireless is the term used to define in a computer network where there is no physical wired assembly between sender and receiver, but somewhat the network is subordinated with radio waves and microwaves to maintain transportation. Wi-Fi describes communications in which electromagnetic carry the signal over part or the entire communication path. Wireless networking utilizes specific tools such as NICs, APs and routers instead of wires for linking the network.

WLAN as a result referred to as wireless fidelity (WI-Fi).This paper especially relevant to focus on detecting intrusion or jarring (abnormal) behavior of nodes in WLANs using signature based Intrusion detection method. We explore the security susceptibilities of 802.11 and numerous intrusion detection methods. This paper, indicates the developing history of the Wireless Intrusion detection system (WIDS), and then sum up the connected work on Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) through a RF jamming method.


Intrusion detection system, Signature based Intrusion Detection, Wireless Network System, Attacks, WIPS

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Writer : ASHU RAGHAV and others


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